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9 September 2013
The European operating company of Ford Motor Company is now using our Orchidnet intranet software More...
9 July 2013
A member of the largest consumer co-operative in the world, The Southern Co-operative has chosen an Orchidnet intranet More...
9 August 2013
The makers of Fox's Biscuits, Goodfella’s Pizza and a whole host of other favourites chooses an Orchidnet intranet More...
Loved by Customers
"Orchid Software provide excellent customer service and an unrivalled product, and we can trust them to give us an honest, informed view of the options open to us. What really sets them apart is the quality of their people, and their customer-focused attitude - they are a company that I can really trust." Wyeth's intranet testimonial Mike Lamb Project Manager
Wyeth UK
"Orchid Software have built a solution that meets our exact requirements, I have no hesitation in recommending them." Nissan's intranet testimonial Barry Wilmer General Manager Engineering
Nissan UK
"Orchidsoft have been approachable, helpful and most importantly impactful in the way they've helped us built a new UK intranet." Reader's Digest intranet testimonial Andrew Morgan Reader's Digest
"With the help of Orchidnet, we are a more successful enterprise. It has given us a more coherent culture and makes us more competitive." Greggs's intranet testimonial Malcolm Simpson Financial Director
Greggs plc
"I love the fact that almost everything I can think of is already included in Orchid Software's comprehensive package, and they are also prepared to develop and change based on my own requirements; the combination of off-the-shelf and bespoke development is unique. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Orchidnet for a cutting-edge and stylish intranet." Emap's intranet testimonial Lorna Charlish Head of Internal Communications
"Orchid Software have been easy to do business with. We are delighted with the relationship we have with them." Northern Rock's intranet testimonial Jon Smith Assistant IT Director
Northern Rock plc.
"Orchidnet helps me to concentrate on producing intranet content instead of intranet development. I can always talk directly with their highly informed and very friendly technical staff without having to go through support or sales, helping me to resolve issues without delay." Mamas and Papas's intranet testimonial Matthew Ellis Project Manager
Mamas and Papas
"The beauty of Orchidnet is its adaptability... the Intranet has been well received and I'm confident it will become an important communications tool for our business." Nisa Today's intranet testimonial Becky Campbell Head of Communications
Nisa Today's
"Orchid Software have consistently delivered solutions of the highest calibre within the fields of E-learning and E-Business using Orchidnet technology. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending them and Orchidnet." Barclays intranet testimonial Tony Coyle Manager of E-Learning
Barclays Virtual Centre
"We have found Orchidnet to be a great product. With the help and support of Orchid Software employees we have developed it to be an excellent and popular communication channel in our organisation." Butterfield Bank's intranet testimonial David Leafe Head of Human Resources
Butterfield Bank (Guernsey) Limited
"Orchid have been excellent with supporting us while we have tweaked and enhanced our intranet to meet our requirements, providing custom updates that work quickly and efficiently. All of this means that we can confidently use Orchidnet in the way we need to, enabling us to better communicate and collaborate across the organisation." Generali Guernsey's intranet testimonial Dan Boylett Project Manager, Internet Developments
Generali Guernsey
"We have been extremely pleased with Orchidnet, and with the support we have received from Orchid Software employees who have been so quick to respond to every issue that I've thrown their way." Rexel's intranet testimonial Sarah Dullea Internal Communications Manager
Rexel UK Limited
"The choice of Orchidnet Pro software and the 'hands on' assistance by the team has helped to produce an intranet to be proud of and an excellent platform for future developments. The help and support received undoubtedly proved we made the right choice of supplier." Wesleyan's intranet testimonial Martin Dann Intranet Manager
"Orchid Software have been consistently helpful and professional in every aspect of implementation and further development of our corporate intranet. The system is extremely powerful with a very user friendly interface which has made it easy to roll out to all our people across the Agency including our overseas offices." One North East's intranet testimonial Gemma Dunn Internal Communications and Web Manager
One North East
"Orchid Software's technical support staff have greatly exceeded my expectations. I have encountered very few companies with such friendly, well-informed and hard-working support staff - when assigned a problem they stay with it until resolution." Sussex Police Authority's intranet testimonial Linda Manley Risk Manager
Sussex Police Authority
"We selected Orchidnet for the Grainger Corporate Intranet (The Source) because it is a powerful, industry standard, highly-functional product and is a good fit with our communication strategy. The Orchid people are focused, flexible and understand customer needs - in truth we see them as an extended part of our team. Great product, Great Team, Great Future." Grainger's intranet testimonial Mike Wardle IT Director
Grainger plc
"Orchid Software have given us a great intranet; it does exactly what we wanted and looks fantastic too. Their customer and technical support staff were a pleasure to work with, and they delivered on time and in budget. What more can I say? A truly great team." Aster Group's intranet testimonial Brook Evans Information Systems Analyst
Aster Group
"We chose the Orchid risk register after seeing it deployed in the Sussex police region. It offered a dynamic and practical solution to our organisational risk management portfolio. After discussions with the Orchid development team the system was deployed across the constabulary, user friendly with minimal training for users the system is a great success." Leicestershire Constabulary's intranet testimonial Paul Orton Risk / Business Continuity Manager
Leicestershire Constabulary
"After an extensive search of potential providers, Michell chose Orchid Software because of their professional approach to meeting our needs and the broad range of modules available as standard. We have been delighted with the implementation of Orchidnet and the friendly, proactive style of the Orchid Software staff." Michell Instruments intranet testimonial Mike Bannister Chief Executive
Michell Instruments
"Orchid Software really stands out in how you deal with us; the support has been great, the communication is there." Allied Healthcare's intranet testimonial Ben Musara Project Manager
Allied Healthcare
"I cannot recommend Orchidnet and the team at Orchidsoft highly enough to anyone looking for a simply brilliant intranet solution that is a delight to set up, administer and maintain. The only organisations I would not recommend it to would be our direct competitors - only because we want to keep this fantastic system to ourselves." Urquhart Partnership's intranet testimonial Campbell Urquhart Managing Director
Urquhart Partnership
"Orchidnet Pro provides the School of Applied Sciences with the technology base from which to continue our development of a sophisticated electronic and service based approach to supporting our 2,000 staff and students." The University of Wolverhampton's intranet testimonial Dr Kevin Hogan School of Applied Sciences
The University of Wolverhampton
"Making the decision to implement an intranet within our Group was a tough one, but Orchidnet has made the experience of designing and building our intranet incredibly simple. Their team is pro-active, helpful, and they know exactly how to work within our team's busy schedules. It was definitely a great decision to use Orchidnet." Ogilvie Group's intranet testimonial Sue Bowman Business Development Director
Ogilvie Group
"In order to support our vision for personalised learning, we need to realise the potential of new technologies and invest in the relationships and behaviours that underpin the use of technology in school. Orchidnet PRO supports this vision." Dame Alice Harpur School's intranet testimonial Jean-Marc Hodgkin Bursar
Dame Alice Harpur School
"Howorth's project team was extremely impressed with the Orchidnet software from the outset, it seemed that they had thought of everything you could possibly need with an intranet, with its extensive applications and flexibility, it really was a clear winner and not a difficult choice to make." Howorth's intranet testimonial Gillian Booth Marketing Executive
Howorth Group
"In our organisation, time is something of a luxury and our goal was to find a functional, powerful Intranet solution that allowed us to get up and running quickly - and Orchidnet is that solution." Cargo Marketing's intranet testimonial Steve Roberts Corporate Manager
Cargo Marketing
"We chose to work with Orchid Software to deliver our corporate intranet as their solution delivered the powerful, functionality-rich and highly flexible product that we required. Since launch, our new intranet has had a positive effect on our internal communications whilst helping to harness and share knowledge across the business." The Welcom Software Group's intranet testimonial Nigel Corp Chief Operating Officer
The Welcom Software Group
"We are extremely pleased with Orchidnet - we have been looking for a highly-functional Intranet for quite some time now without success, but your product met every one of our requirements without fail." Albany Assistances intranet testimonial Lisa Turnedge Operations Support Manager
Albany Assistance Ltd.
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