Our awesome team…

… doing awesome stuff…

… in awesome places!

...and at home

Who are we?

We are an eclectic team of developers, marketers, designers and egg-heads who are all ridiculously passionate about creating cutting-edge intranets, and how they can make our lives simpler. WE are Orchid!

Our Philosophy is simple...

Like all the best Silicon Valley success stories, Orchid Software started from humble beginnings, with a simple idea, in a small garage in a quiet residential street. In the middle of Newcastle. (Ok, we know that’s not quite Silicon Valley, but you get the picture...)

The ‘simple idea’ was to solve complex business problems with software solutions that were powerful, yet simple enough for anyone to use. This was our guiding principle, which we called ‘Power Through Simplicity’. That was back in 1994, when all we had to get us started was this idea and a £1,500 business loan from the Prince's Trust.

We’ve been on an epic ride ever since and have stayed true to our original philosophy throughout the years. Because of this, we’re proud to say we’ve been able to work with some of the worlds’ most respected organisations, with hundreds of thousands of people now using our solutions every day.

Everyone at Orchid loves technology and we’re amazed at the positive impact modern gadgetry and the internet has had on our everyday lives. However the one thing we detest, regardless of how cool any "High-Tech" may be, is when things are made overly complicated for no particular reason.

For the same reason, we've gone out of our way to make our intranet solution, Orchidnet, powerful, yet simple to learn and incredibly easy to use. Our growing list of very cool customers will tell you we've got the balance just about right.

Our Culture is incredible…

We fundamentally believe that by keeping our Orchid family happy, a natural by-product is that we’ll provide amazing customer service. Don't take our word for it, we challenge you to ring any one of our 130 customers and see if they tell you otherwise.

Yes we have the obligatory free soft drinks and snacks, the annual European conference abroad, the family summer baseball/BBQ and of course regular poker, movie and social nights out but, above all, everyone here genuinely enjoys each other’s company and cares about each other’s well-being.