Intranet Helpdesk

Deliver awesome customer service, every time, with our easy to use Intranet Helpdesk application. Featuring a simple process for your users and customers to raise helpdesk tickets and for your service team to manage their requests to resolution, as well as the ability for users to help themselves and find answers to common issues.

Easy to submit Intranet helpdesk requests

Anyone can use it – no training required!

A simple wizard based entry system makes it ridiculously easy for users to raise helpdesk requests, including the ability to include screenshots or any kind of attachment to support their request.

Knowledge Base for self-service

All previously solved helpdesk cases can be optionally submitted to the “Knowledge Base” allowing any user to find solutions to problems themselves with just a few keywords.

A knowledge base of Previous solutions
Automatically reminds you of forthcoming Intranet service deadlines

Customisable SLA’s for prioritising jobs

You can create custom SLA’s, each with their own target resolution times, for any type of helpdesk request. Orchidnet automatically monitors the time spent on each job and warns relevant people when something is approaching its SLA target.

Stay in the loop - not in the poop!

Orchidnet automatically keeps the right people informed of any helpdesk updates or upcoming SLA deadlines via Orchidnet tasks and emails, enabling them to provide stellar service, every step of the way!

the Intranet encourages sterling service
The Helpdesk can be installed in multiple Intranet areas

Multiple Helpdesks – multiple flexibility

Every single Department or Project in your organisation can optionally have their own helpdesk application, setup specifically for their needs with their own SLA’s, Reports and Knowledge Base.