Intranet Look 'n' Feel

The entire look and feel of your Orchidnet Intranet be customised to reflect your brand, culture and values, giving your users a solution that’s immediately familiar and ‘fits’, to maximise engagement from day one.

Orchid Software work with you on creating a Bespoke Intranet Skin

Bespoke skin

We work with you to create a truly personalised intranet that blends a beautiful interface you’re your unique identity and brand. We've produced some stunning yet functional interfaces that we'd love to show you.

Totally customisable

Every single homepage including Company, Departmental, Project and Extranet is totally customisable. Using a simple “Drag and Drop” interface you can choose what information is displayed, where it is shown, and even how it looks.

There are over 100 Intranet homepage widgets too choose from.. Simply drag and drop to create a homepage
You choose who see's what on an Intranet Homepage

Audience support

Imagine being able to choose what homepage is displayed depending upon a visitors job title, Department, Project, Branch or in fact anything you could wish for. This is standard functionality with all Orchidnet homepages.


You can choose to allow your visitors the ability to customise their homepages to include information that is personal and applicable to them. Users simply choose the widget they want and “Drag and Drop” to where they want it on their homepage.

Intranet content can be personalised for any user
Choose from an unlimited number of Company, department and project intranet homepages

Homepage templates

You can create homepage templates that ensure a consistent look and feel for every Department or Project homepage you create. Every homepage can still be individually customised and included full revision control.