Intranet on your Mobile

The power of Orchidnet, in your pocket! Stay connected to your intranet, anytime, anyplace, with any modern mobile device…

Mobile Intranet available 24/7/365


Your intranet is available 24 hours a day every day. Share your thoughts and ideas as soon as you think of them, with nothing more than a standard web browser on any mobile device.


Only authorised users can access your Mobile enabled Intranet, and there’s no need for separate username/passwords to gain access for those with accounts on Active Directory, Gmail, Facebook, or any of the popular Internet sites.

Only authorised Intranet users can access via mobile
Intranet works across all mobile devices

All devices

Orchidnet automatically detects when you’re accessing it with a mobile device and adapts the user interface accordingly, to give you the best experience possible. All popular makes of mobile devices are supported, including iPhones, Android and Microsoft Mobile.

Powerful Search

The powerful Orchidnet search function is accessible at any time through your mobile device. Search for documents, news, people, photos and lots more, whenever and wherever you are.

Powerful Search functionality is exposed on mobile devices