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28-Sep-2009St. Mungo’s Finds A Home For Orchidnet

St. Mungo's - Orchid Software, providers of intranet and extranet solutionsSt Mungo's is London's largest charity for homeless people, opening its doors to homeless and vulnerable people, enabling their recovery and working to prevent people sleeping rough in the first place. The charity runs over 100 projects and helps thousands of people make life changes every year.

Established in 1969 by volunteers in Battersea, the charity provides valuable services to a wide variety of clients from a richly diverse range of backgrounds and experiences, helping them to work towards recovery by overcoming their own personal hurdles and challenges. Co-ordinating the services provided by St. Mungo’s is its own challenge, however, and so the decision was taken to investigate how the right I.T. systems could help to revolutionise St. Mungo’s business processes and internal communications.

St. Mungo's - Orchid Software, providers of intranet and extranet solutionsSt Mungo's contacted Orchid Software in mid-2008 with a view to creating an organisation-wide information portal that would also integrate with their existing I.T. systems. A number of legacy applications were already present within the charity's operational infrastructure, and these applications had to be accessible through any new intranet system; some additional development was also necessary to adapt certain areas of functionality and import user data from existing systems.

An extended period of negotiation allowed Orchid Software and St Mungo's to establish the best way to proceed with the project, and in-depth analysis helped Orchid Software to illustrate the ease with which Orchidnet could accommodate the existing system at St. Mungo’s.

Orchidnet was chosen as the St Mungo's intranet in August 2009. Implementation is currently ongoing, and Orchid Software looks forward to working closely in partnership with St. Mungo's in future.

You can visit the St. Mungo’s website by clicking here.

About St. Mungo’s:
St Mungo's is one of the UK's leading charities for homeless people. The charity provide over 100 accommodation and support services, day in and day out, and runs emergency services - including street outreach and emergency shelter. St. Mungo's employees support homeless people in their recovery - opening the door to safe housing, health care and work, and help homeless people into lasting new homes, training and employment. The charity also prevents homelessness through complex needs housing and support teams for people at real risk.

About Orchid Software:
Orchid Software is a world leader in software development for intranet/extranets using the acclaimed Orchidnet platform. Formed in 1994, with head offices in Gateshead, Great Britain, the company provides consulting services, application integration, training and support to some of the world's most successful companies.

About Orchidnet:
Orchidnet is a powerful, easy-to-use intranet/extranet solution designed for the effective distribution of information across an organisation. It consists of a suite of applications that enable employees, partners, and customers to capture, shape and share knowledge using nothing more than a Web browser. Over 150,000 people use Orchidnet every day, including some of the world's most successful organisations.