Notes allows users to create virtual 'post-it' notes that can be stuck to company, departmental, project or user homepages.
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The application creates personal, user message or noticeboard notes; templates provide a wide range of formats that can be used, including blank, appointment and task-based notes, while a style picker provides a range of graphical options to brighten up intranet noticeboards.

Notes can be posted to virtual corkboards or whiteboards, or even directly onto user homepages - especially useful for telephone message or 'while you were out' notes. Once notes have been read, they can be picked up and moved to a virtual recycle bin.
Any number of departmental company and project noticeboards can be created
Noticeboards can be set as public or private, or restricted to certain users
Noticeboard look and feel can be set as corkboard or whiteboard
Notes can be viewed as virtual post-it notes or in text-based list format
My Orchidnet integration allows each user to create and access notes from their own personal intranet homepage area
Users can filter notes by notes received or notes sent
Notes can be created for personal use, to inform another intranet user or for posting on intranet noticeboards and homepages
Message recipients can be selected during note creation, with the note appearing automatically on the recipient's homepage on production
Over 20 note templates provided as standard including telephone message, appointment, task and meeting
Note content can include images, links, text and tables
Over 20 graphical note styles are available, including themes for specific calendar dates
Expiry dates can be set to withdraw notes after a user-defined time period
Notes can be previewed prior to publication
Notes can be picked up and moved around on homepages and noticeboards
Noticeboard menus allow notes to be added or managed from the same location
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