Relationship Management (Intranet CRM)

Manage interactions with your contacts, including current and future customers, from one place. Keep detailed contact notes, schedule and assign tasks, track opportunities and leads and even capture email conversations within our fully featured Intranet CRM application.

Record all contact interaction on your Intranet

Keep your finger on the pulse

As you can records notes of calls taken, meetings held or the littlest things mentioned by every single one of your contacts, you’re always fully informed and ready for every interaction. Astound your contacts with your seemingly elephant-like memory!

Because you're only human

Orchidnet will remind you of any forthcoming calls, tasks or meetings well before they are due. Set up a recurrence reminder for any repeating event or even to call a particular contact every year. Some of our customers are even using this functionality for Vendor Appraisals and the renewal of training courses.

Automatically reminds you of any forthcoming deadlines
Create any number of Intranet fields for any of your contacts

Record absolutely everything

You can set up an unlimited number of custom-fields of any type for each and every contact, allowing you to easily capture everything that’s important for your organisation. All fields are fully searchable and can be grouped together for easy data entry and querying.

Manage your opportunities

Record all your sales opportunities and prospect information from one place, including opportunity value, close date and sales process stages. Orchidnet uses this to produce graphical reports, allowing you to easily visualise and manage your pipeline so you’re always focused on the best opportunities.

Manage your CRM Opportunities on your Intranet
Personalised E-zines delivered direct from your Intranet

Send out targeted marketing material

You can create beautiful email Ezines and directly market to your chosen group using the Mail Merge functionality. Monitor who has opened your email and even “what hyperlinks they've clicked on”. Once created, Ezines can be stored for future reference or even to resend to other groups in the future.

One place to store it all

If you use Microsoft Exchange then all email communication (both to and from your contacts) can automatically be recorded as part of the contact record, giving you a full history of every interaction with every one of your contacts.

Store all your Emails and documents directly within the Intranet CRM module