Searching on Your Intranet

Use Orchidnet’s powerful search function to find any type of content, from anywhere in your intranet, without having to know how it was created or where it’s stored. Results are lightning fast and tailored to each user, only showing them what they are personally allowed to see.

All content is automatically indexed and searchable on the Intranet via the search facility

Just like your own personal Google

Imagine having your own personal Google for all your organisational information, instantly bringing back everything you could possibly be looking for in just a few simple keystrokes… well with Orchidnet that’s exactly what you get! EVERYTHING you submit to your intranet is automatically ‘indexed’, making every word of every piece of content instantly searchable.

Meaningful search results

Kitchen sinks are all well and good, but we think it’s a little overkill to include them in your search results. So we’ve developed some clever technology that carefully analyses every search result before showing it to you, so that you’re only shown the things you are really looking for (everything + the kitchen sink excluded).

Intranet search results are automatically ordered in terms of relevance
Carry out advanced intranet searching on any application

Advanced searching

For those times when you need to get really specific, (like finding every person in your company that is a manager, speaks fluent French, knows something about taxation and works in the Channel Islands), we have Advanced Search. It works across every Orchidnet Application, providing you with ultimate granularity for your searches.

Searches everything

Orchidnet’s Search is powerful… REALLY powerful! Every word of every piece of content you add to your intranet, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF’s, News, Imagery, Wikis, Contacts, People etc. is automatically indexed and becomes instantly searchable. You don’t have to do anything to make this happen, it just works.

Any content including Microsoft office and PDF files are automatically indexed and available via the Intranet search
Sponsor keywords on your intranet search to promote certain types of content

Sponsored search terms

For those times when you really need to promote a piece of content so it doesn’t get lost in a big list of search results, we have our “Sponsored Links” facility. Just like Google AdWords, this allows you to promote any content so that it always appears prominently at the top of your search results.