Social Intranet

We’ve taken the slickest communication ideas from the likes of Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, added in a few of our own, and turned them into formidable business tools within Orchidnet.

Create instant Communities to bring people together, share ideas, blog and collaborate faster and easier than ever before.

Create an Unlimited number of Intranet social communities

Create a Community on anything

Imagine being able to create an unlimited number of Communities on any subject, maybe a project you are working on, an Office Move or even the latest Badminton Club news, and then using it to discuss, share, upload and blog in a way that positively encourages communication.

Share files and rich media easily

Any type of electronic file can be uploaded and shared with the rest of the Community in just a couple of clicks. Uploaded files are conveniently stored in a special Community file area that’s always visible and never gets lost in the feed.

Upload photos and files directly to the Intranet social areas
Automatic feed updates whenever someone mentions you

Personal and Community Walls aplenty

All the latest news and posts from any Communities or personal Walls you are a member of are amalgamated and provided as a single personal feed, highlighting everything that’s relevant to you.

Intelligent linking

Status updates or user posts of any kind can mention individuals or other Communities using the "@" functionality. This will automatically provide a notification to the individual or Community that they were mentioned, ensuring important discussions are never missed. You can also link to any other Orchidnet content using standard hyperlinking functionality.

Link to any Intranet content intelligently
Browse Intranet Photos and Videos

Image and video carousels

Upload and share photos and videos effortlessly and have them automatically displayed in beautiful, intelligently formatted media carousels. Users can browse, share, comment on and like media as they wish and it’s all 100% mobile compatible.

Facebook style notifications

Anything that requires your attention, or any post that mentions you specifically, (even if it’s just someone liking those kitten videos you posted), is highlighted for you in a non-obtrusive pop-up notification. Never miss an important post again!

Intranet pop up notifications as required
Easily share posts with other Intranet users

Share and Like

Show you appreciate someone’s content quickly by “liking” it… you can also comment on or share the content with others not in your immediate viewing circle.

Activity timeline

A historical timeline is kept of everything that has been said, discussed and shared in a Community. This is invaluable for anyone joining an existing project, allowing them to quickly get up to speed, get productive and get contributing.

A Facebook style timeline on your Intranet
Create Light boxes to share Intranet media

Mobile friendly

Sometimes you need to be involved when you’re out on the road… sometimes your best ideas come to you when you are away from your desk. Never miss the opportunity to be part of the discussion again! You can easily share your thoughts and comments from anywhere, any time and any place using any mobile device with a standard web browser.